Daily Program

Here is a summation of what a regular day in Euless First United Methodist Church Preschool is like. Our daily schedule varies due totightrope4 special events that day.

New concept: New material from the unit is presented as soon as all children arrive, while students are alert and fresh. Units are theme oriented and typically vary every 2 to 4 weeks. PK1 and PK2 curriculum includes Zoo-Phonics, a phonetic approach to teaching the letters. Each letter has its own character, sound and sign.
Group time: Includes attendance, calendar activities, show and tell and discussions. Each class attends Chapel, Music and P.E. once per week.
Self-directed play: Children are given freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centers. These centers are changed often for the purpose of challenging the mind and body of a young child.
Snack: Consists of water and juice or milk, and a variety of snacks, including birthday treats. On occasion we will cook our own snack. Parents assist in providing a daily snack.
Recess: Playground, walks, games, music, gym activities inside on cold and rainy days.
Dismissal: Papers are handed out and coats are put on.

We utilize computers in the classrooms as a teaching tool. Additionally, our five-day PK2 classes go to computer lab and Spanish class each week.

We believe our program offers children a time to discover, explore, experiment, play, observe, listen, question, a time to love and time to be a child.