Euless FUMC Preschool Staff 2017-18

Front Row: Irene Bahrami (Asst.), Nicole Pittman (PK1), Emily Finnerty (Asst.), Brooke Ragas (Toddler Asst.)

Row 2: Michele Pettyjohn (Sub), Amanda Nicholls (Music Teacher & Asst.), Alison Teague (HEB Teacher), Linda Lewis (Director), Kathy Farco (PK1), Annette Kelleher (PK1 & Asst.), Tosca Patino ( Cherub Asst.), Kathy Knowles (PE teacher & Asst.)

Row 3: Naomi Lara-Turner (Toddlers), Lindsey Fender (Asst.), Lisa Brennan (PK1), Brenda O’Neal (Office Manager), Kelli Swientek (Sub), Joanna Pittman (PK1)

Row 4: Kett Sprinkle (Toddlers), Lindsay Sanchez (PK1), Fran Edmiston (Cherubs), Barb Falcone (PK2), Sherri Pence (HEB Asst.), “Dr. Jean”, Tracy Sewell (PK2), Brenda Medlin (PK2), Randi Burnett (Asst.),

Not Pictured: Sue Jouzdanifar (Computer)

FUMC Preschool
We have an experienced, professional staff. Several of our staff members are
certified teachers and all have years of experience with preschool age children.
LEWIS-DAVE-Staff121-e1471276236293More about the Director and Staff
Linda Lewis has been the director of FUMC Preschool since August 2005. Linda had recently returned to the area and had previously taught in the public schools for 19 years. Eleven of them were at Spring Garden Elementary in the Hurst/Euless/Bedford school district. She has taught Pre-K, Kindergarten, first and second grades and holds a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. Linda has implemented new programs such as the Toddler class, Lunch Bunch, and enrichment classes, including Read it Again, Think Tank, Zootopia, Science Sense and Fun Fridays. Linda states, “We try to blend our wonderful old traditions with creative new ones.”

The staff consists of the director, thirteen amazing and experienced teachers: Lisa Brennan, Fran Edmiston, Barb Falcone, Kathy Farco, Annette Kelleher, Naomi Lara-Turner, Brenda Medlin, Nicole Mizell, Andrea Neal, Joanna Pittman, Lindsay Sanchez, Tracy Sewell and Kett Sprinkle. We have eight dedicated and fabulous assistants, Irene Bahrami, Randi Burnett, Emily Finnerty, Lindsey Fender, Sue Jouzdanifar, Kathy Knowles, Tosca Patino, and Brooke Ragas. We also have a terrific teacher, Alison Teague, and an awesome aide, Sherri Pence, through our HEB ISD partnership. Amanda Nicholls is our highly qualified music teacher; Kathy Knowles is our energetic Physical Education teacher and our incredible office manager, Brenda O’Neal keeps the school running. Michele Pettyjohn and Kelli Swientek are our highly-qualified substitute teachers. Pastor Steve Heyduck leads us in weekly chapel. Curtis Borland is the facility manager that keeps our preschool running smoothly.

Each one brings years of experience and their own unique ability to touch the lives of our students.
One of the key reasons to choose this school is the experience of our staff. Several of them have been with this school for over twenty years and all have numerous years of experience. Their dedication and commitment to the preschool children is unbeatable!!!